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Do You Suffer From Neck Pain?

Neck pain is very common, and can be severe and debilitating either in acute episodes, or as chronic pain suffered over a long period of time that is both uncomfortable and fatiguing.


Some of the Most Common Conditions Associated With Neck Pain .

  • Disc bulge
  • Pinched Nerves
  • Joint strain
  • Muscle spasm
  • Scoliosis
  • Loss of Cervical Lordosis
  • Degenerative joint/disc disease
  • Osteoarthritis

Other symptoms

Stresses within the body often cause problems in other areas as well as the neck. Common associated symptoms are undue fatigue, mood swings or depression, disturbed sleep, headache, period problems, digestive problems, weakness, inflexibility and restricted movement.

Some of the Common causes of Neck Pain

Car accidents and whiplash

In any car accident, even at relatively low speed, the body is subjected to sudden deceleration forces, and can be thrown around violently in many different directions. Osteopaths are often able to feel the effects of these stresses locked into the body tissues as tensions, after a whiplash accident. The whole body is affected, not just the neck, and unless these strains are treated, they can be present for life.

Blows to the head

Blows to the head can disrupt the normal minute movements of the bones of the skull and neck, a situation that has far reaching effects on the whole of the rest of the body.  Posture can also be modified as by blows to the head as the spine adapts to the injury.


The spine is often jerked or twisted during falls, and parts can become quite impacted or compressed. Sit-down falls such as falling on ice or a slippery surface are particularly damaging because in addition to the direct impact on the base of the spine, the impact of the head onto the top of the spine causes strain at the top of the neck. Headaches and neck problems are very common after this type of injury.

Direct injury

Any direct injury, for example kicks or blows to the spine can create a local area of disruption of normal spinal mechanics. Problems may gradually develop over a period of time, even if the back seemed uninjured at the time.

Childbirth strains

During childbirth the mother’s pelvis can become distorted as the baby’s head descends. In many cases distortion corrects itself, but if severe it can remain for many years and disrupt spinal and pelvic mechanics. This can cause very diverse symptoms including neck pain, back pain, headaches and postural changes such as scoliosis.

Dental trauma

Uneven bite, bridges, plates and extractions can all have far reaching effects on the neck

Dr Patrick Kuhn has a special interest in treating neck pain. He incorporates a wide range of osteopathic techniques that are gentle and effective for relieving the various causes and symptoms of neck pain. If you are a neck pain suffer or know someone whose has neck pain then please make an appointment to see Dr Kuhn regarding your condition.


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